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Terms and conditions

1. In this site you can find also information concerning the therapeutic areas. This information does not intend to give you any advice about health. We suggest the visitor to address only to his doctor or vet (depending on the case) for any diagnosis and to choose the suitable therapeutic method.

2. Even though GATTINERA FARM works to include in its site precise and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the content of the site, which must be suitably evaluated by the visitor.
For this reason, GATTINERA FARM does not take any responsibility concerning the use of the site and its content. In particular, GATTINERA FARM will not be responsible for the defects of accuracy, update, adequacy, timeliness of the information included in the site, nor for any possible damage or virus that can affect the information equipment or another visitor’s propriety in consequence of the access, use, surfing or download of materials, data, texts, images, videos or audios of the site. GATTINERA FARM reserves the right to interrupt or suspend at any moment the functionality of the site without taking any responsibility at his own charge, if this happens as a result of actions or omissions of GATTINERA FARM, or of third party.

3. The information present in the site could contain technical or typographic mistakes. GATTINERA FARM reserves the right to change, correct or improve the above-mentioned information, products and programs described by them at any moment.

4. In the site there are also links to third party’s sites which we consider interesting for the visitor. With the link to these sites, you leave the GATTINERA FARM site freely and without any constriction. The information included could not be in line with the Italian provisions of the law and in particular those of the Legislative Decree 541/92 which rules the advertising of drugs for human beings. However, they are totally independent and out of the control of GATTINERA FARM, which does not assume any responsibility on the subject.

6. The links to this site are allowed only on the home page and they does not imply to share the content of the site that activates the link, nor the fact that GATTINERA FARM will assume any responsibility on the subject.

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9. It is forbidden to split this site into parts or sections and/or to incorporate them in third party’s sites which are unconnected to GATTINERA FARM.

10. The visitor/user of the site has no right to exploit economically the material of GATTINERA FARM and of third party included in the site, nor the trademarks, technologies, products and processes. Moreover, he has no right of intellectual property of GATTINERA FARM or of third party whose references are in the site.

11. Except for the information that is the object of the Code for the tutelage of privacy on the Internet, all the communications and the material transmitted to the site by visitors/users through e-mails or other means, including data, questions, comments, suggestions and so on, will be treated like non-confidential and non-protected information, if the contrary is not indicated. All the material transmitted or sent to the site will be at GATTINERA FARM’s disposal, and it will use it as it likes: in fact, it could reproduce, transmit, publish or send it. Moreover, GATTINERA FARM is free to use any idea, concept, know-how or technique included in the communications received by the site for any objective, including for example the development, production and marketing of products according to this information.

12. It is forbidden to send defamatory, obscene or calumnious messages, or messages that are against any applicable provision of the law. GATTINERA FARM will collaborate with the authorities to identify people who act illicitly by sending material to the site.

13. GATTINERA FARM reserves the right to revise the following Terms and Conditions periodically. As these revisions are binding on the visitor of the site, we suggest him to consult regularly this page to know every update.


GATTINERA FARM does not allow the "spamming". "Spamming" means sending a huge number of unwanted e-mails, generally commercial, over and over again to people who have had no previous contact with the people who send the message, or to people who has not agree to receive these communications.