Gattinera Farm was born 1st Genuary 2002 from the ten-year experience of Cascina Gattinara in herb’s cultivation with the Organic Farming System and Biodynamic System.
In those years basically importance have been a huge work of research and developement on chamomile’s mechanization: from hydro-sowing system to the
harwest, from dried processing to the still under vacum.

Gattinera Farm grows and process only medicinals herbs from certificate organic farming. The philosophy that farm believes is to process only herbs directly grown. By this way, working in an extremly complex system such as are agri-ecosystems, and with vegetable matrix who has a changeble content of active substances , is possible to achieve control and standardisation of final products characteristics. When we produce an herb-extract we do not just tell You that the ratio is 1:2, 1:1, and go on talking by this way, but we determinate the anlythical titre (in HPLC or gas-cromatography) of his actives components characteristics of the phytocomplex.
The choice to cultivate herbs wich also have healing value, without synthetic molecules, is for us the best ethical choice.

An accurate quality control on raw matters, production process, equipment and technology, allow us to obtain prepared or hal-prepared products with an high quality standard. The quality of our products is not express by words or slogan, but is expressed by numbers!

Gattinera Farm is particularly sensitive to the environmental protection, in all the phases of the manufacturing process. Gattinera Farm uses electrical energy, coming exclusively from
renewable and clean sources. This allows us to contribute concretely to decrease CO2 emissions (greenhouse gases) and to reduce the use of oil. As regards the production of the necessary vapour for the manufacturing activity (drying process, distillation, concentration), Gattinara Farm has started to build a central biomass facility (buckwheat bran).

By this way Gattinera Farm has recently selected few manifacturing, with important characteristics, as: APIGENMILLE and RUTINBUCK.
On these premises we are looking forward to fully satisfy the needs of our qualified and demanding

To produce and use a phytoextract without knowing the analitycal make-up
is like producing and driving a car without knowing its cubic capacity!
It is the phytochemical structure / make up which makes a difference to an
appearance phytoextract, a potentially dangerous and a functional one.



“a good practice doesn’t work without theory”


Leonardo, Cod. Atl.